How To Wear And Remove Glitter Nail Polish

    Deets : Layer the glitter nail polish over a solid creamy nail polish and watch the glitter slide away easily with a regular nail polish remover !

    Story : I've had these gorgeous nail polishes in my collection for a while but refrained from using them much. They were such a pain to remove and I have very very sensitive cuticles so its not like I can rub the cotton ball back and forth to get rid of the glitter. I didn't want to deal with the pain so I ignored them. Until, one day I was testing them over a solid creamy nail polish that I had on and what do you know, they came off with ease ! No messy glitter around my cuticles, no tugging & no micro scratches on my nails !

    Since then I've used nothing but glittery sparkly nail polishes, making up for all my lost time with them. Right now I have on Zoya Julienne ( a deep sparkly purple) over Kelly (creamy steel gray)

    Index - Zoya Cheryl over Cola
    Middle - Zoya Edyta over Shawn
    Ring & Pinky - Zoya Julienne over Kelly

    Try this trick and lemme know how it works for ya !

    Indian Girl

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