Bad Makeup Happens To Good People : Eva Longoria - Almost Always Gets Her Makeup Right, No ?

    I love Eva Longoria. The petite beauty along with gorgeous J. Lo taught me to keep it light around the eyes and relatively dark or natural on the rest of the face. It is rule that changed the way I looked in photos forever.


    Just look her. her with the nice blow dried hair and super pretty makeup.
    Blow drying only makes my hair dry and stringy.
    And that smile, I cant smile that smile unless I've eaten a couple of glazed doughnuts.
    Then I'll do anything.

    The hair again. I hawrt it.
    The blush ? Bit bright, no ?

    That's more like it. Bright on the cheeks but done right.
    And is that Texas on her neck ? Howdy !

    Pretty updo ! Nice warm makeup. BIG earrings !
    I cant wear jewelery to save my life.

    Ooh very nude face makeup. The pewter eyes - very nice !
    About that face shez making, yea ....not so sexy in real life.
    I know, okay.

    And then, it all went wrong.
    Very wrong.
    Very very wrong.
    It became washed out and ashy. Thank God for the ultra black lashes.

    But we wont talk anymore about it. Bad makeup happens to good people and that's it.

    Indian Girl

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