Whats On Your Nails ?

    Last night I finally replaced the Estee Lauder Rose Gold shade with a barbie pink one. The EL nail polish was amazing !!! It took about two weeks for it to start chipping. If long stay is your thing pick a couple of EL nail polishes.

    This barbie pink shade (#174 Lovin Lilac) on my nails is by Karma Organics. Remember the organic nail polish remover I wrote about, a while back ? Its from the same brand. The nail polishes are organic too !

    They go on very easily and took two coats to get a dense, creamy even color. I am planning on getting more shades form this brand because my cuticles have become extremely sensitive and seem to e responding well to these organic nail polish remover ( I swear its the best !) and lacquers.Guess they go well with my Natural theme for next week !

    The shade is uber pretty !!! I'd like to think it goes well with tanned skin !

    What shade do you have on your nails ?

    Indian Girl

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