Go Natural With Me For A Week

    Starting next Monday I am planning on going natural with my skin care / beauty routine for a week. All through the week I plan on using only natural plant based products to help cleanse, moisturize my face and body.

    I'd like to see if using just natural stuff makes a difference on my skin. My mom keeps saying it will, but we'll see. I wanna see if my skin will survive not being fed its daily dose of Moisturizers and lotions that come in bottles and spray cans.

    So , who wants to join me in this experiment. We wont do anything fancy. No Himalayan herbs and stuff . Just regular things available in the kitchen like milk, sugar, salt, oils and other things you suggest.

    It'll be super if y'all, my girlfriends join me. More than anything we'll have fun doing it and we;ll totally bond ;) Just leave a comment below if you're interested and then we can all discuss on the items we wanna use for our Natural week !

    Indian Girl

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