How To Avoid Blisters With Sandals

    I am about the most blister prone person ever. And because of this I hardly ever buy strappy sandals and shoes. Just the thought of a new shoe is scary when I think of the pain that blisters bring and the scars they leave...

    I've tried everything from Band Aids to Scotch tapes but they are mostly too bulky and visible. That apart they totally ruin the look of the shoe and feet. Might as well have worn flip flops. Which I do - all the time.

    To help girls like me out, I found a nifty little product online - Foot Petals Strappy Strips ($3.50 to $18.50). These are thin strips that you stick on the inside of your strappy shoes , sling backs or gladiators. They give some cushioning to help avoid blisters and the red marks that come from the rough ends of the straps. Each tube comes with eight strips and are suppose to last a long long time !

    Isn't that genius ! I'm getting a few tubes stat and sticking them on every single strap. You never know which one ends up biting ya. They can be found at Nordstrom , Dillards and a bunch of other stores. Here is the link to their store locator.

    Indian Girl

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