Zoya Fall 2010 - Wicked & Wonderful Collection : Swatches Part 1

    Good evening Ladies !

    Just finished swatching loads of nail polishes ! My nails hurt but my heart feels warm and fuzzy looking at all these beautiful colors !

    This here is the new Wicked & Wonderful collection for Fall by Zoya ! Its a fulfilling mix of solids and sparkles. Of course the sparkles are Wicked and the creamy solids are the Wonderful ones.

    The six Wonderful shades include
    Kelly - Gray ( concrete gray)
    Stacy - Mahogany Red ( wine red )
    Burke - Sienna Red ( pink red )
    Kristi - Crimson Red ( summery red )
    Cola - Desert Sand Red ( henna-ish brown)
    Shawn - Myrtle Green ( Sap green)

    Right off the bat I feel in love with Shawn. Nothing to do with the name - there actually was a really cute guy in my class by that name. Very funny, very sweet guy but married. Anyhoo, this Shawn spoke to my green grass loving side.

    But later while swatching I had a huge girl crush on Kristi - shez a perfect summer red. One of my all time favorite red shades is America by Zoya . But Kristi gives her a stiff competition.

    Cola and Stacy fall right into the category of my favorite Fall shades. I'm sure I'll be wearing them a lot ! Soon hopefully.

    Burke was the only shade that I didn't care for much. But I'm sure she'll find a home in someone else's heart ! Shez real sweet.

    Zoya nail polishes are available on their website here.

    ............................What looks like your favorite shade ?

    Indian Girl

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