The Best Lip Balms List

    Given that I suffer from dry lips syndrome 24 x 7 x 365, I'd say I am a mini expert of sorts on lip balms. I always have at least one if not two of these within one feet of me. Thanks to their hard work I am able to continue adding lip swatches and wear lipstick on a daily basis. Here's to the hardworking folks - lip balms.

    After having tried several lip balms in my quest for pillow soft lips
    , I have found these six lip balms to be truly life changing.

    Chapstick True Shimmer Lip Balm ($2.50) :
    I don't dare wear this during the day, what with the icy blue silver frosty alien lips it gives me. But by night I'm all for it. The cheapest best lip balm.

    Clinique SPF 45 Stick ($17.50)
    : Expensive but lasts a real long time. All that SPF keeps me from getting the dreaded brown lip liner effect. Cannot go through summer without this.

    Cover FX Mint Glaze ($22) : Very expensive. Suppose to be a lip primer but to me it is a thick minty shiny lip balm. One of the best at soothing cracked broken lips.

    Vintage Sister Lip Lickers ($3.75) : Hands down the cutest lip balm. But I've never been one for packaging alone - its got to be good stuff and this is some very good stuff. The flavors are endless and the owner keeps adding new ones every season !

    Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer ($14)
    Love the light pink tint but what I love even more is the thin weightless texture of the balm. Despite being loaded with essential oils, its hardly greasy. Excellent lip treatment !

    Sally Hansen Over Night Lip Recovery Treatment ($8- $10)
    I've been using this for a couple of years now and still love it just as much as I did the first time I tried it. Love the silver tube, the moisturizing gel like formula and what it does to my lips. Kinda expensive for a drug store goodie but it works !

    ......................How do you keep your puckers forever kissable ?

    Indian Girl

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