Whirl - A - Style : Hair Gadget For Perfect Hair Buns !

    Good Morning Ladies !

    How was your weekend ? Mine was fabulous !
    Ugh - every time I say that word Teresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey pops into my head and goes faaaaaaabulous.

    Last Friday I got all dressed up for a dinner date with a friend who had just returned from a long road trip - I had to get updated on all the stories ! My outfit of choice - a cute blue shimmery top , some jeans, deep purple eye makeup and my long hair rolled into a bun.

    The only time I have my hair in a bun is at home. I'd love to do a proper updo more often but given my hair's density and texture - I'd probably have to use half a gallon of hair spray , and a few hundred bobby pins and those other U shaped ones. But then I came across this nifty little gadget called Whirl - A- Style that promised a easy bun and I just had to try it. This was the result.

    Whirl - A - Style Jumbo Large & Jumbo Medium

    I am very happy with this. The Whirl - A - Style product comes in many sizes and colors to suit different hair shades, lengths, textures and density. Here I have on their biggest one - Jumbo Large. It was a bit small for my hair. I could fit most of my hair into it but not all.

    This is what I did -
    Lay my hair flat on my back.
    Pull three fourth of it into Whirl A Style
    Drag it down along the length of my hair
    Roll it up and snap it.
    Roll the rest of my hair around the bun - secure with a couple of bobby pins.

    This one below - I used the Jumbo Medium. Its good for a half up do.

    All my hair in the bun stayed put throughout dinner - I was thoroughly pleased that I didn't have to pull it out or add more pins. Speaking of pulling it out - taking the bun out was really easy too. I unsecured the ends and it fell out pretty easily without me losing even a single strand of hair - mega points for that !

    This works best on hair that doesn't have a lot of layers. If you have man layers along the length of your hair, then the ends may start peeking out the bun. I have some layers at the end but not all along so it wasn't hard.

    Overall its a super hair gadget for all of $10 - available here. You can read more on all the other hairstyles one can create with these on their site . Next on my list is to try and do a French knot with it.

    Video on how to create a classic bun with Whirl- A - Style.

    Indian Girl

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