Brazilian Glycolic Peel By Advanced Home Actives : Review

    I would never have tried a chemical peel if it wasn't for my otherwise pretty good skin being in a bad state for the past few months. The winter started the dry cycle and my skin hasn't been the same again. I just want it to go back to being normal. So in my desperate attempt I tried the Glycolic peel only because I read a million or so online reviews that said this was a very safe at home peel. So in the name of beauty blogging I gave it a try and have lived another day to tell the story...

    The Story Of How Glycolic Peels Work

    When it comes to glycolic peels, timing is everything—a truly effective glycolic facial treatment requires a perfectly timed neutralizer step to deactivate the potent active ingredient. Because many women don’t know how to navigate this delicate process, they leave the treatment to the experts or risk irritation, redness and sensitivity from peeling incorrectly at home.

    How This Brazilian Glycolic Peel Works

    In this Brazilian Peel by Advanced Home Actives, the two-step process is combined and simplified into a one time process. The active ingredients and neutralizer are combined in pre-measured, equal amounts to act on skin until the time-released neutralizer automatically deactivates the glycolic acid within 10 minutes. The peel and neutralizer are housed in two separate chambers, preserving the purity and potency of the ingredients until you dispense the two formulas simultaneously from the patented syringe-like packaging. Because the single-step process controls the pH of the glycolic acid during the 10-minute treatment time, there’s no tradeoff between potency and safety. "

    My Experience

    Everything sounded safe so I proceeded with the treatment. Still with caution.

    You take the syringe and empty it into the palm of your hand. You'll see two blobs - one neutralizer and the other is the peel. Now using two fingers mix them together and you'll feel the peel warming up. Act fairly quickly and spread it all over your face and neck like you would with any other peel. Set the time to 10 minutes and wait.

    Up until 8 minutes I didn't feel anything. It was just like I had a simple serum on my face. At the end of 8 minutes I felt a slight tingle. Even my Clinique masks tingle a more than this one did. Its a very very small tingle. Then at 10 minutes I washed it off with water.


    Given that it was a glycolic and so much is written about all that it can do - I had extremely high expectations once I decided to go for it. I'd say it did very well considering all I wanted it to do. I felt the softness return back to my face after so many months of bad texture. This I am most thankful for. Plenty of my dry spots got exfoliated out. There was a marked difference in the brightness of my face. No redness, no irritation or any other issues.

    This is a once a week for four weeks treatment and I feel positive that at the end of four weeks I will have a lot more benefits from this peel.

    From the clinical results I learnt that this is an excellent treatment for folks with oily skin. Though I have dry skin i am going to go ahead with it because I can use the exfoliation. I am not doing any other exfoliating during the week. Just regular moisturizing. Will get back to you at the end of four weeks with my overall result !

    The Brazilian Peel by Advanced Home Actives ($78) is available at Sephora.

    In Other News

    Its pitch balck outside at 4:00 in the evening. Huge storm. Lotsa thunder and rain.
    Listening to Rahar Fateh Ali Khan. I discovered him only a few months back and I am so thankful I did !

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