Gray Tales From 2010 Teen Choice Awards

    So who caught the Teen Choice Awards last night ?

    Not me.

    I don't have TV.
    I have Hulu !

    But I had to check out who turned up at the awards and who wore what and how.
    Two gray looks caught my eye.

    One - Selena Gomez .
    I know her, naturally.

    Two - Jojo.
    I bet google knows her.

    If I had to try one look on myself it would have to be Selena's look.
    Naturally (Sorry I cant help it)
    Love how simple and cute it is. Plus I don't really need much of blending skills for it.

    Jojo's on the other hand is super mega smokey. With lots of long curled lashes.
    Not a look for me. I have no where to go looking so glamorous.

    What about you ? What look would you pick to try on yourself ?

    Indian Girl

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