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    Jacqueline Fernandes - the new girl in Bollywood. I think she has the cutest smile ! Love pairing pink cheeks and lips with a green gown. Its an effortless combo.

    Vidya Balan - I guess the new thing in Bollywood is to dress like the character you're playing in your up coming movie ? In character or not - its hard to go wrong with frizz free hair, great skin, natural looking makeup and kajal !

    My mom would ask her to wear a necklace. She is just not a fan of plain neck with a saree.
    I cant do sarees so I am just in awe that she is wearing one.

    Deepika Padukone
    - love the bangs. Reminds me of Maduri Dixit circa 1992. If there was one thing I could switch with her it would be a hard choice between

    the height
    the small waist
    gorgeous brows
    those dimples
    big beautiful eyes
    flawless skin...
    Its gonna be hard. Very hard.

    Sonam Kapoor - Not a huge fan of the girl but that doesn't stop me from admiring her clothes and makeup ! Love the purple punch !
    And that earring - Lordy Lord ! Its so cool ! I want it .

    I don't wear earrings.
    But I still want it.

    I don't have a neck as long as hers.
    And I still want it.

    I have no where to go wearing it.
    I still want it.

    Celina Jaitley - Great hair !
    I know the girl gets a lot of flack for her makeup choices - but I have begun to see it this way. She is comfortable doing this and has been doing it a while despite what anybody tells her. And being a celebrity I am sure anybody and everybody has something to say. So I guess its time to leave it alone and just accept it as her look !

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