Beginners Easy Brown Eye Makeup Look : Video Tutorial

    Another video !

    I still am a long way from doing a great job in videos. But am learning ! You'll see me go up and down depending on how straight I'm sitting. My mirror also kept falling off and I kept going away from the video frame in search of my mirror. You'll notice some quick shots - too quick. All noted and will slowly be improved on for next video.

    Making a video is not easy man. Much respect to all those who do it so right !

    This one is an Easy Brown Eye Makeup Look for beginners to play with !
    No crease, no inner corner, outer corner complications. Its simple and straight forward. Takes all of four minutes to do !

    Do me a favor and don't enlarge it to full screen - the quality reduced 100 times and its just weird seeing such a big eye.

    Hope you guys enjoy the video !

    Brushes :

    Trish McEvoy Flat Eyeshadow Brush #21 - for laying the first brown eyeshadow from twilight palette
    Fluffy pointed blending brush ( Smashbox Crease Brush #10) - for applying the second golden brown color from NIXIE
    Smashbox Double Ended Smudger Brush #20 - for applying black eyeshadow as liner along upper and lower lash line.

    CVS has a set of brushes called Essence of Beauty brushes - they are equally good & are budget friendly. I love them !

    Indian Girl

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