I Got Slender Feet Y'all - Not.

    There are a few things I'd rather not tell y'all about my feet. But I will anyway. Because I know the people who hang around here are all friends. So here we go...

    They are big feet. Well, on the bigger size.

    Size 8 1/2

    And broad.

    Broad as in not slender.
    Broad as in - no way that shoes fits me, yo.
    Broad as in original true broad.

    Every time I leave my slippers right next my best friend's ( Yeah, yeah...Indians and footwear and at the doors) I feel a little bit like big foot. She is a size six or smaller. C'mon man, how does a woman have such small feet. How do they balance a grown woman's body ?

    This is when I say thanks to the Lord for my sturdy, dependable big feet and put on my special "for big feet" shoes.

    To top it all off, I hate toe cleavage. Even the most gorgeous pair of shoes will not be bought if there is any toe cleavage.

    In short I was drowning in misery of having no cute shoes, when then this happened.
    *cue heavenly music*A pair of black ballet flats from Lindsey Phillips ($64). Arn't they just the cutest pair ever. They fit my big feet like a comfortable glove. No toe cleavage. No tugging. No pulling. Even the elastic band at the back is soft like feather. You slip your feet in and you enter a feet coma. A general sense of calmness prevails all over your body because your feet are so comfortable. Now anybody who has died a million deaths in high heeled nightmares knows why this is so important and so good.

    Comfort apart - these shoes are part of their switch flops family. As in, you can switch the flower snap on top with any one of their fifty snaps ! Its as easy as pulling the old one out and snapping in the new one . Each one adds a little more fun and transforms your regular ballet flats into something new and something better. When I first saw them, there weren't as many snaps($12 each) but now they have a whole lot more !

    I am absolutely in love with these new snaps. When Spring rolls over I plan on getting the gold flops or a pair of flip flops and a couple of new snaps. The switching is not only for snaps but also for their flip flops where you can change the straps ! If you have fairly broad feet and don't feel as comfortable in most ballet flats, you should give this a try. I get the feeling you'll love the lush feel of this one !

    Guess what ? I'll be meeting my best friend in a few days and guess what shoes I'll be wearing ...
    Aah haan ! You got that right, mate !

    Indian Girl

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