Go Red For Women Day

    February 5th - today, is Go Red for Women Day. This national movement was founded by the American Heart Association as a way of keeping women aware of the dangers of heart disease.And why am I telling you about this ? I am your beauty source not health source, right ? But I am also your friend & I wanted to share with you something I recently found out about cholesterol.

    Apparently cholesterol is not something your dad should worry about.

    Wait that's not right. He should.
    But you should and so should mom, sis and friends ! My best friend called me a couple of days back and told me get my cholesterol checked. Of course I took a little offense !

    Are you calling me fat ???????????
    Coz you better not be calling me fat .

    She wasn't. She had just found out her other friend was put on cholesterol pills and had strict orders from the doctor to keep it in check. This friend is 26 years old , female , vegetarian, works out every single day and is conscious of everything she puts in her mouth. Given all this, I'd think cholesterol was one thing she need not worry about ! May be its genetic ? May be not ...

    Either ways, as women we must work towards keeping our hearts healthy no matter what the age . Visit your physician and get a check up done. Everything might be great and if its not, you'll be glad you took care of it sooner !

    Aah haah. Done with health talk.
    Now onto beauty. Given that its RED for women day, I'm listing out five of my favorite red products. You go on and list you fave five reds !

    All My Red lipsticks ( Rimmel , Illamasqua, Julie Hewett)
    Zoya America Nail Polish
    Red Puffer Vest
    Red Comforter
    Red Bedding

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