Easy Simple Hairstyle - Pony Tail Out Of A Bun

    I've been having great hair days thanks to this new HerCut shampoo + conditioner. And this is the time to play around ! I was inspired by actresses who twist a tiny strand of hair around their pony tails hiding the hair tie. Except for this hairstyle you drown the hair tie with half your hair.

    *don't mind the pajamas and the unedited pictures from the phone. This is The Real IG

    This is how I did it

    Do a side part.
    Divide your hair into two parts at the back.
    Pull the hair on the right side into a low side ponytail.
    Now comb over all the hair from the left side over the center onto the right and roll it tight.
    Now twirl the rolled hair around the hair tie and tuck the end in with a bobby pin.

    * I still cant do a pull up...but am willing to try...

    * behind those doors are all the beauty goodies

    * Brownie points if you can name the products...

    That's it ! You have a cute round bun with a pony tail coming right out of it ! I think it looks cute and hardly takes five minutes !

    Bobby pins bend, break and hardly keep my hair in place so I had to use a sturdy metal hair pin which is not really invisible. But so be it.

    Simple aint it ! You willing to give it a try ?

    Indian Girl

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