Olay Body Quench Advanced Healing Body Lotion : Review

    Hold on Kyle

    HOLD ON Kyle.

    Kyle will you hold on please.

    Where has the shimmer gone ? The last time I tried Olay Body Quench, it was full of shimmer and so was I. Even folks in my glitter friendly state give me a the look when I walked out in the middle of winter looking like Cartman...

    But not anymore apparently. The shimmer is gone but the skin saving ingredients still remain - my skin says so.

    And I always trust my skin.
    It never lies.

    This is how it works : The Olay Quench Advanced Healing Body Lotion, is said to break the dry skin cycle by providing an immediate burst of intense moisture that continues for 24 hours. This helps heal & repair skin’s moisture barrier over time to prevent dry skin from coming back.

    The lotion I tried is Fragrance Free but still has some scent to it. Just not a very obvious one. You wont be able to point out the smell, but it exists and its not something I am very fond of.

    Scent apart I have no qualms about the lotion. Its light, yet it provides a generous dose of moisture. Gets absorbed rapidly even on my driest skin days, zero stickiness and makes me feel better almost instantly. I love it most because it got rid of this huge dry spot right on the center of my back. Its been a great lotion this winter but I'm sure I'll continue using it well into spring.

    Have you tried Olay Body Quench ? Do you have a favorite body lotion ?

    Indian Girl

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