Burt's Bees Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash : Review

    Hard to go wrong with something that is 99.02 % natural !

    A few weeks back I came to you guys, asking if you'd tried Burt's Bees products before . Apart from the occasional lip balm I was fairly new to the brand and started my adventure with their Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash.

    The main ingredients in the product include royal jelly - for moisture and jojoba beads - for exfoliation. The moisture from the product is good- as in I never experienced any dry skin issues for as long I used it . But the jojoba seeds don't do much for exfoliation - they are just there that's all.

    The body wash cleanses like no other - it has become my favorite after work out body wash. Every drop of sweat & dirt is washed out without any stripping or drying of skin ! Lathering is minimal but overall a great entry into the brand for me. I look forward to checking out the moisturizers in the radiance line...hear they are just as great !

    In Other News

    Speaking of all things natural, your girl here made her first green juice a few days back. This is the recipe I used : Kale leaves + ginger + celery + lemon juice. All organic and fresh ingredients. I made the juice using a regular blender and then used a strainer to squeeze the pulp out. Later I mixed the pulp with some mashed potatoes and made kebabs out of it - but that's a whole another story for another time. The juice wasn't bad at all except for the raw smell of the greens. Lemon and ginger made it so much better !

    But that's not all - I swear to you I felt like my skin was way brighter and fresher after a couple of cups of green juice. It is not totally in my head - a majority though may be. Apparently green juice feeds the body with extra oxygen and cleanses the system making for better skin !

    But then of course you've heard all this if you've been following me on twitter. Sorry about the repeat telecast ! I have a few other recipes for green juice - will share them as I make em ! have you tried green juice ?

    Indian Girl

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