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    Whassup y'all !

    Tell you what I have a feeling this is the wedding season . Why else would my inbox be flooded with mails from brides - to - be !!! I love helping out with as much as I know and I am right on it. So brides, I'll get back to y'all soon - I promise.

    Speaking of e-mails, I had one this morning informing me that I hadn't written on makeup removers - ever. True - I haven't ! And this is me getting to work answering the e- mails .

    I'm cool like that (guess that song)

    My most favorite, the best, no more eyeliner induced dark circles, works on everything makeup remover is Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. The product even takes care of those (dadgum) sparkles. Hello UD 24/7 eyeliner in Crash - Silver glitter everywhere even after three days of use - that was the day I ran outta Neutrogena and had to use Clinique ( blue bottle)

    It costs around $8 depending on the size and lasts for a long long time. I think I buy one every 5- 6 months. I've tried several other makeup removers, including the oh-so-popular ones from Clinique. Didn't stand a chance against Neutrogena. I am never ever going to spend $$$ on any other makeup remover.

    Besides it doesn't make sense spending $ on makeup removers. I'd rather save that money and use it on lipsticks.

    Now that makes sense.


    Though it says oil - free there is a little oil-ish feeling left after using it. But it hardly bothers me because it takes off makeup in one clean swipe, does not damage my delicate skin around the eyes and anyways I always wash my face with a cleanser after taking makeup off !

    TIP : Always shake the bottle before use. The formula tends to separate and shaking is essential to combine the layers.

    TIP TIP : If you are out of makeup remover use oil (coconut / olive) or even milk . Try not to rub the cleanser under your eyes to shake out the eyeliner.

    What is your favorite makeup remover ? Dish...

    Me Out !

    Indian Girl

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