How To Make Sheer Lipsticks Darker, Brighter & More Pigmented ?

    Yeah...How DO we Make Sheer Lipsticks Darker, Brighter & More Pigmented ?

    Stick them in the refrigerator - that's all !

    This trick is the exact opposite of the eyeliner trick. You loosen the pigments in the hard eyeliner by blasting it with some heat using a blow dryer. The heat melts the solid eyeliner so the more emollient pencil applies easily.

    With sheer lipsticks, most are extremely moisturizing AKA too emollient. By cooling it in the refrigerator we are tightening the texture so it applies more dense AKA more pigment on your lips ! If you try this trick...holla back !

    How do you like me now ....

    Background Story

    Might as well tell you how I figured this out. I store all my everyday lipsticks in a tiny container which I keep close to my bedroom window. The bedroom is the coldest place in my house - real cold. And throughout this winter I've found that even my sheerest Smashbox lipstick applied way better than it ever did in Summer. The scientist in me then figured the relation - cold room, freezing lipstick, dense pigment.

    Now go on - spread the word !

    Indian Girl

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