Healthy Banana Smoothie Recipe

    This is my recovery drink after a workout - a super yummy healthy banana smoothie ! I don't like drinking the heavy protein shakes or Gatorade. I am all for natural, simple nutrition so I make my own recovery drinks !
    To make one big glass of smoothie , you'll need :

    1 Medium Banana Frozen
    1/2 Cup Milk (1% or skim)
    1 tsp Flax Seed Powder
    2 Walnuts

    Whip it up in a blender and there you have your delicious simple smoothie !

    I peel the banana , slice them and freeze a bunch of ripe ones in a Ziploc bag. Roughly I cut each banana into ten pieces so I just pull out ten chunks for one smoothie. Alternatively you can use a regular banana and ice. The flax seed powder and walnuts make the smoothie creamy delicious ! For added creamy texture you can also use vanilla yogurt.

    The best part - all this deliciousness is without any added extra sugars ! Any sweetness is from the banana !

    I used to figure the calories out

    Indian Girl

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