Reader Contribution : Mikyajy Makeup Brushes Review

    Lovely reader Rima was recently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where she happened to find a great line of makeup brushes ! Rima was kind enough to share the deets with us.
    Thank you Rima - the brushes are gorgeous !

    "Brand - Mikyajy
    Website - (currently under construction)
    Products purchased - Makeup brushes from the "Girls Tools" range (10 brushes + brush roll)
    Purchased from - Mikyajy company outlet at a mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Price - Around 200 Saudi Riyals (roughly INR 2600/USD 57 if my math is right)

    Naturally, Mikyajy is a brand that most of us have not heard of. I was apprehensive about entering the store but the product packaging looked so great that I had to take a look. I went in and swatched a few products on my skin to test the quality. I also smelled them! Excellent stuff, to say the least! I decided to skip the makeup and buy the brushes as those were what I needed most.

    The bristles are oh so soft and fine! Even after a thorough cleaning, they don't lose their shape or softness. The handles are non-slippery and fit snugly between my fingers. I would rate these brushes better than Mac. Yes ladies, BETTER! I find it difficult to believe my luck. Who gets to buy 10 excellent, professional quality brushes at such a cheap price? You know how expensive good quality makeup brushes are.. Though the brushes are still going strong, it scares me when I think that I might never get to lay my hands on this brand again! :( "

    A few pictures of Mikyajy stores ... I love how colorful the stores are !

    Indian Girl

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