myfaceworks Paper Face Masks : Review

    Yesterday after almost a week long break, I got back on the P90X wagon ! And to reward myself I treated myself to a the I Need a Quickie face pack from myfaceworks

    I've been saving these for a day when I would need them the most. And when you want something so much, getting it as a reward for good behavior makes you savor it a lot more.

    Paper Facial Masks 101

    If you've never tried paper facial mask , I highly recommend ones from myfaceworks! They have 12 different types of paper masks , each with its own purpose like brightening, healing, detox-ing and plenty others. The paper facial masks come individually packed. Each one is in the shape of a face with holes cut out around eyes , mouth and flap over the nose. This paper comes soaked in a viscous gel filled with ingredients that are good for your skin. You simple tear open the pack, pull the paper mask over your face and go about doing what you do !
    Or you could do what I do :
    Pick out a quiet, dark spot in your house.
    Play some soothing music.
    Cleanse your face
    Pull the mask on and relax for 20 minutes.

    While you are at it, clear your mind and enjoy the few minutes of alone time. I like to tap my fingers on my forehead, temples and between my brows where we store our stress. I've heard this also helps disperse fluid that get retained around the eyes.

    Relaxing & Stress Diffusing Y'all !

    The mask has a soothing , cooling effect on my skin which continues for 20 - 30 minutes. After 30 - 40 minutes it slowly starts drying. But before than five minutes into the "experience" you will feel all the stressed muscles on your face relax . I didn't know that my muscles were so tight and so stressed out. It took a relaxing 30 minutes to pull those muscles out and place em where they belong in their non stressed state.

    Relaxing and stress diffusing apart - it is a wonderful moisturizer. Even if it does not replace my regular moisturizer on my dry skin I think folks with all kinds of skin will love the way it drenches your skin with a fountain of supple soft skin nourishing goodness ! And bonus - it smells divine !

    You & Me - We Need It

    After a long day at work with a nagging boss or a coworker who steals your ideas or after a day at the library trying to catch up on classes - you need this to make you feel calm and prepare you to go through with it all over again tomorrow. It never ends, i tell ya !

    Or if you are a mother with tiny (or grown up) kids running around trying your patience - you need this to give you a moment of piece. And if that moment comes only at night just before you hit the bed - take it. I swear the mask is truly the most relaxing experience a paper can bring.

    MOM Needs It The Most

    Mother's day is coming up soon and I am putting together a " Love You, Maa" package for my mom with my sister. This one is on top of my list ! We all know how moms are - stressed out is one word that almost always applies to them !

    The myfaceworks face masks can be bought on their site

    Have you tried paper facial masks ? Do you have one you cannot live without ?

    Indian Girl

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