The Body Shop Holiday Makeup Collection 2009 - Eye & Cheek Palette : Review & Swatches

    Hello Ladies !

    Hope you had a good night's sleep.

    That's exactly what I hope. Because I did not until 2 AM. My neighbors lost their clock and forgot the concept of Inside Voices - hence the above. But we wont talk about that....

    Lets talk about happy things like this little makeup palette that comes packaged like a jewelry box. I know this because my mom has a set of pearls that came in a similar casing. Anything that comes in a jewelery like casing makes the best gift ! It has four eyeshadow ( frosty lilac , frosty purple, gray, shimmery black) and a pretty rose blush. The palette was for $26 but is now listed for $13 on The Body Shop site !!! At $13 its a great bargain ! You'll see why ....

    The Eye & Cheek Palette is cute and is about the size of your hand. A great one to pick up and drop into your purse for a touch up later. However given the shades, I don't see one dropping it into my purse unless....

    Unless you have a dinner date .

    A dinner date with a tall man.

    A dinner date with a tall handsome man.

    A dinner date with a tall handsome man with dimples.

    A dinner date with a tall handsome man with dimples and you know you will be late at work and will not have time to get back home and dress up. Then. Then I see you dropping this kit into your purse along with a nude lip gloss.

    Tall handsome man with dimples loves smokey eyes and nude lips ! Its a scientifically proven fact.

    Good move dropping the kit into your purse ! And, Good luck on the hot date !

    Indian Girl

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