Holiday Beauty Tips : Gimme More !

    These Holiday beauty tips from Skyy Hadley of As “U” Wish Nail Spa in Hoboken, NJ. Its nothing you don't know. What it is, is a a great reinforcement of what you do know. For everybody running around trying to decide on the Holiday looks, this will be a small push to get one started !

    Metallics are golden – no matter what your color scheme, a shimmery gold, silver, or bronze will finish the look.

    Here are a couple of my favorites.

    For Eyes : Silver , Gold , Bronze

    For Face : This Opulent Shimmer Powder adds glitzy glamor sparkle for the holidays !
    Or go the Golden Bronzer route with this one here from Tarte - it never gets old !

    For Lips : I have two shades that will be perfect for a golden lip look - Smashbox Lip Gloss in Luster and the lip lush - Tish from Julie Hewett. Both are sparkly golden shimmers done Oh So Tastefully ! I promise it looks like nude golden sparkle and not like a strip of metallic goop.

    Cool tones are perfect with the chilly weather – don’t be afraid to strut darker colors.

    If we don't get out the darker lip colors now, we might as well bury them and never look at it again. A few days back I reorganized my makeup drawers and arranged them in such a way that I see wintery shades up front and the other ones are at the back. Of course few days later its all a big mess again ! Must go digging again...

    There are few cool toned oldies that I love ...

    There is the Stay Mauve from Estee Lauder the only time I loved purple.

    A couple of pretty cool ones form Urban Decay - Confessions for the daring soul and Vinyl for the not so daring souls.

    And then for the uber cool, uber dark vampire inspired looks there is this sexy thing

    When in doubt, nudes are always your safe bet – classy and sophisticated, they never go out of style.

    Nudes nudes nudes. This has been a decade of nudes. I don't think the word nude has been repeated as many times with respect to makeup. There is a nude for everybody !

    The Smashbox Lip Pencils have been my most favorite things this year for a nude look . Such pretty shades.

    Then there is the Bollywood inspired nude shade.

    And the Kim K / Mila Kunis inspired nudey nude nude shade.

    So there we go ! A bunch of things from this year and past but Holiday worthy ! What Holiday Beauty Tips Have We Missed out On ? I cant think of the red lips ! What is on your mind ?

    Indian Girl

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