TEAM JACOB, y'all !

    Finally I saw New Moon last night ! Yea yea yea Bella , Edward blah blah.

    Lets talk Jacob.

    Werewolves have never been this good lookin, have they ? Finger lickin delicious ! I got my paws all over him and have marked my territory.

    I hope Part 3 is all about Jacob. Bella & Edward can be married off and living some where in the far off woods for all I care. I just recently saw a documentary on the wolves of Yellow stone and boy, are they a sight running in a pack !

    But at 25 , it almost feels like a crime to be saying anything like this about a 17 year old. So, lets just pretend I'm 16, okay.

    Jacob. Jacob. Jacob.

    Who's side are you on ? Spill it.

    Indian Girl

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