Can Face Primers Be Used On / Around Eyes ?

    Can Face Primers Be Used On / Around Eyes ?

    The answer to this question like most other life altering ones is ...

    It Depends.

    Depends on which face primer you're referring to. Here are the answers to four of the most popular face primers.

    SKINN Orchid Gel Mattifying Treatment

    Yes, the SKINN Orchid Gel mattefying can be used around the eye area. The creator of the product Dimitri James has given us a green signal on this one.

    Hands down my most favorite primer. I have been using this for over a year all over my face and on my eyes right before applying concealer. It fills up the tiny fine lines / my one big crease and keeps the concealer looking fresh and smooth . Absolute beauty !

    The brand also has a product designed specially for the eyes - Insta Fill For Eyes. I've tried this and it is amazing too. You need just a dot of it for the whole eye area. Love it !

    Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

    The lovely Lori Taylor - the Lead Makeup Artist at Smashbox had this to say " Sure it’s amazing under the eye. And the color correctors help with discoloration."

    So, yes the super popular Photo Finish Primer can be used around the eye area too !

    Smashbox also has a eye primer called the Photo Finish Lid Primer

    Tarte Clean Slate Face Primer

    This is what the wonderful folks at Tarte said about the multi uses of Clean Slate.
    "Yes, clean slate is safe to use on your eyes (it is a natural product). "

    Another yes !

    As for a eye primer from Tarte, this fall they launched lifted™ natural eye primer with Firmitol ™ which is an eye primer that actually lifts and tightens the skin 10 minutes post application.

    MAC Prep + Prime Skin

    Unfortunately MAC Prep + Prime is not designed to used around the eye area.

    That's a no, folks.

    However MAC does have the Prep + Prime Eye which was designed for the eye area !

    So there we go ! Another mystery solved. If you have questions on any other face primers and would like me to find out if its safe for use around eye area - just send me a note. I'll try and get back to you on it !

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