Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks : Review & Swatches

    Last night I paid a visit to my neighborhood drugstore, CVS with a mission. I had to get tooth paste, Listerine and two Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks.

    I've been wanting to try these lipsticks forever but somehow didn't. Unfortunate for me, they weren't even on sale. After much debate I picked up Pink Me Up & Mauve Me ($7.49).

    Pink Me up , I knew would be very similar to my Avon U by Ungaro lipstick - a fuchsia pink. I wanted to confirm the hunch and so I picked it up. As far as Mauve Me goes , lets just say the color spoke to me and my love for hint of shimmer. Its a mauve with a hint of purple and a slightest bit of gold shimmer. One second its there, next its not !

    Since when do Maybelline lipsticks have the weird scent. I used to love them for the absence of weird chemically scent but unfortunately this line has the same smell that Loreal lipsticks have. Its lighter than Loreal but scent nonetheless. However, we've got to hand it to Maybelline for putting out some super duper pigmented, almost opaque creamy lipsticks, in some very good shades !

    Unfortunately the shades I picked up did not work well on me. I think its has got to do with the hint of purple in both the shades. Purple on my lips is not my thing. Pink me Up is similar to Ungaro lipstick but is different. It does nothing to my face. Mauve Me just plain fell flat. Really the shade in the tube and the one on my lips are two different stories.

    I will return these and pick up some warmer nudes / browns from the same line or check out Revlon. If you have tried these, please give me a few recommendations / swatches please.

    Indian Girl

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