Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Rum Raisin : Review & Swatches - The LBD Of Lipsticks

    This one is an old fav.

    An old fav that never retires.

    An old fav that I will never get tired of.

    An old fav that I have recommended 1667843.5 times.

    The Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Rum Raisin ($7.99) is the most flexible shade of lipstick . Its a classic but not in a retro way. In a will-stay-relevant-forever kinda way.

    The shade Rum Raisin = soft burnt red + nude soft brown with some deep deep red-wine + amped up rose brown .

    This is the LBD of lipsticks. Its a shade for everybody to wear everywhere.

    To me, there are two kinds of everyday lipsticks. The regular kind and the special kind. The regular kind is like cereal - the one I eat everyday for breakfast & like.

    Then there is the special kinda everyday lipstick which is like the breakfast I really really would like to eat - eggs, bacon, pancakes, warm syrup & the works. This shade is like that breakfast. Something that will make everyday feel like its special !

    It looks great on women with pale / fair / light skin too but I'd especially recommend brown girls out there to give it a go. It is on BOGOF at CVS right now.

    The flash washes the color out a little bit. The shade itself is little more deeper. You'll see what I'm talking about when you check it out at the store.

    After you've tried it and fallen in love, don't forget to send me a letter telling me how it changed your life.

    Or you'll probably put it on your Annual Christmas Letter !

    Indian Girl

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