Pairing Red With Red : The Neha Dhupia Way

    * Neha Dhupia is a popular Bollywood actress & a former model.

    What did you think of Neha pairing red with red ?

    I thought it looked fabulous ! The hair and makeup is fairly simple with the red lipstick acting out the main part !

    Pairing red with red; be it red shoes with red dress or red lipstick with red dress is always a tricky thing. If the red on her dress was a different red from that on her lips, it would have been disastrous but since the shades were similar - they paired perfectly ! And that's a rule to go by - pair them only if one is sure that the colors are almost as similar as it gets !

    Also I love that it wasn't a glossy, shiny red. A matte / satin one works best anywhere ( as far as red goes) just as it did here. One real pretty red with a easy satin finish would be the #53 Brilliant Red from The Body Shop Color Glide Lip Colors.

    Hang on to this picture for now. I know it aint much but I'll have a swatch put up as soon as we have some day light shining on us. It has been dark no matter what the time ...

    Its Friday, y'all ! No point stating the obvious but what plans for tonight ?

    Indian Girl

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