What Is Your Favorite Blush Brush

    One of my first blush brushes that I still have and use is the small angled blush brush from ELF. Its soft but can get better, has weird auburn hair and came free with the ELF bronzer I picked up at Big Lots.

    The ELF Bronzer is also one of the only blush / bronzers that I've ever hit the pan on. The last time I used it was a couple of days back.

    Its a beauty.

    A $1 beauty.

    The next favorite is from a nameless brand again picked up at Big Lots.

    Do not fear unknown brands.

    This one is a big angled blush brush. Okay on the softness but otherwise very good for $2.

    And then for a while I went Kabuki with the blushes. Its good but I think I'll stick to powder foundations for the kabuki. This one is from Cover FX. Its nice and dense. Again, a little more soft and I'll say LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Lets get to current day. Right now I have two super favs.

    One is the fluffy big blush brush from Clinique that came out with the Bamboo Pink Collection.

    Its soft, big, fluffy and can be used to apply all over shimmer powder or the blush or to blend the blush with the bronzer underneath - lotsa things !

    The other super super fav is the Brush #16 - Blush Brush from Smashbox.

    I am huge fan of the black and red design but that's not all. This is the softest blush brush I own. The size is perfect for laying blush just over the apples of my cheeks or along the cheek bone ( my current method). Because of the small size I can be assured that the blush goes just where I want it to and does not cover most of my cheeks with color.

    So that's it. These are my faves and super faves.

    What is your super favorite blush brush ?

    Indian Girl

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