Vitamin E Oil + Green Tea = Super Soft Skin

    I've had this bottle of Vitamin E Oil for a while now. I've used it on and off but because it feels so heavy on my face I never got to religiously using it.

    A couple of days back I took it out again. The thing is this - I'm off coffee. No coffee since four days. Not a diet, its a just - like - that thingy.

    Its like this - I ran out of milk and coffee and haven't made the trip to the grocers yet. And since I cant have coffee anytime after early morning I don't get to it the rest of the day. Because I'm off coffee and I still need something hot in the morning, I started on green tea - Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin . This one is pretty good. I don't mind the taste at all.

    From all the left over tea bags I collected, I decided to do the Green tea face mask. Except this time I added Vitamin E oil to the tea leaves. The tea leaves ended up being too big to stick to my face . So I squeezed the leaves to get all the juice outta them and patted it all over my face with the Vitamin E Oil. Kept this on for 30 minutes. Then I wet my hand with warm water and massaged my face for a bit . Next in the shower I let the hot water on my face and did not use any cleanser.

    Once I was out, I could feel the joy that comes from a super soft face.

    This can be done with any oil. My best friend uses Baby Oil. I wanna use up the Vitamin E Oil I had . Plus its known to be a good nutrient for the skin, right ? The Green Tea hopefully did its part and added the anti oxidants !

    Moral Of The Story : Oil + Water = Soft Well Moisturized Skin

    Oil on its own , on dry skin doesn't get absorbed well and feels heavy. But with a bit of warm water , it gets absorbed well, feels lighter and the results are blog worthy !

    I will be visiting a Asian store this weekend. Anybody tried the powdered green tea ? I've heard it makes for a great face mask. Any ideas on what else I can pick up from there, beauty wise ? I know I need Oyster & Fish sauce.

    Indian Girl

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