5 Easy Steps To Shiny Soft Silky Hair (My)

    After I put up a picture of my hair on a very good hair day, some of y'all wanted to know what I did to it. Because I feel really weird about a writing a post called - My Hair Care Routine; I called it 5 Easy Steps To Shiny Soft Silky Hair (My).

    Its all good, coz God forbid somebody sees me on a super bad hair day , I don't want them going - "Uh-Oh I don't want no hair care routine tips from that !"

    Before I start, I do wanna say that I have fairly easy hair to work with. There are no major issues - it is regularly well behaved and easy to handle. I don't mean that in a prude way. But just thought I'd mention because I don't wanna credit all the goodness to products. (Mom, Dad - yes I am proud of the hair - Thank you.)

    This is all what I do and has worked well on moi.

    STEP 1 : Pre - Condition

    The night before I always ( well, mostly) apply coconut oil to my hair. I massage it into the scalp and then liberally spread it until every strand is dripping of coconut oil. And then I change my pillow case into an old ratty grey one and go to bed.

    I read some where that American women are not very keen on pre conditioning treatments. No No women, they make all the difference. Take it from this professionally non-professional Indian Girl.

    STEP 2 : Shampoo

    The next day is shampoo time. Currently I am using Pantene. Pantene has worked well for me since I was teenager and I'm glad its cheap. Use required amount of shampoo , work it into good lather and wash it off. I don't let the shampoo stay on my hair for long. It dries hair out - any shampoo does this. So, its a short shampoo ritual.

    STEP 3 : In Shower Condition

    After shampoo its time for conditioning. I use what ever is available. Currently I am crushing on two products - both under $10. Will tell soon.

    After washing the shampoo off, I gently squeeze out excess water from my hair - Very Important. If there is too much water the conditioner just gets washed down along with the dripping water.

    Apply conditioner .

    Use a wide tooth comb to spread it - Very Very Important.
    I use a brush but it is NOT recommended. My hair is always more softer and less frizzy when I use a comb to spread the conditioner. Always.

    I get best results when I let the conditioner stay on for at least five minutes because there is a lotta hair to condition.

    STEP 4 : Warm Water Rinse

    After 5 to 8 minutes of soaking my hair in conditioner, I rinse it off with warm water.

    STEP 5 : Cold Water Rinse

    After the warm water has removed all the conditioner off, I follow it up with a cold water / not so warm water rinse. Been doing this since I was 16 / 17 . I read in a women's magazine (that I was then not allowed to read) that its good to give the hair a final cold water rinse before you send it packing in a towel. And I've done it ever since.

    I like doing the cold water rinse because it cools down the scalp and when I wrap it in towel, I don't have the hot steam coming drying my hair.

    So, that's my five steps to shiny silky soft hair. Of course I don't always have shiny silky soft hair because :

    a. I forget to take the brush into the shower
    b. I get restless and wash the conditioner off in two minutes.
    c. I assume its been long and wash the conditioner off in one minute.
    d. I start taking care of the hair on my legs with shampoo on my hair - perfect recipe for dry hair.
    e. Hair is in dry mode for no apparent reason.

    Now gimme your tips for great hair ! We all wanna hear from you and wanna know more and more and more !

    Happy Weekend !

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