Southern Belle Louisville Inspired Red Nails

    Hiya Ladies !

    Hows the weekend been so far ? Do anything fun ?

    I completed the whole season of Southern Belle Louisville !

    What a nice show ! I love all the women on it. So sweet, so grounded and so real. None of that unnecessary, terribly scripted, juvenile drama that most other reality shows have. I really really really hope there is a season 2.

    Throughout the show , Hadley this sweet girl had on the most gorgeous red nail polish on her fingers. You can see a bit of it in the pic below - *love* it !

    After that, I just had to whip out the reds . I painted my fingers and toes with Zoya America - a gorgeous red ! I also did the whole base coat , top coat thingy ! I tell you it is a great decision to invest in a base coat, top coat. The manicure lasts a long long while and looks super shiny, glossy & fabulous ! That sparkle you see on my little finger - its au naturale ! I used the Zoya Anchor Base Coat & Armor Top Coat . But everybody else makes them too !

    Have you seen the show Southern Belle - Louisville ? Who is your favorite character ?

    Indian Girl

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