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    All the pictures are from the same event. Yet each one looks different. Some show us the flaws and some are picture perfect. Some show us flawlessly blended flowing makeup and some the oily cakey, crease-y part of it.

    My opinion - layers of makeup goes into achieving the perfect look on celebrities. The extreme contrast between the inner parts of the face as oppose to the outer edge, the severe lashes, razor sharp contouring and dramatic eye makeup looks great as long as you have the
    right makeup artist,
    right light,
    the right lens on the right camera,
    the right photographer and
    you strike the right pose.

    So many things have to go right for them to look flawless as they do. For us regular everyday girls/women lets be grateful we don't have all that pressure. And at the same time let us not put undue pressure on ourselves to look just like them. Lets get inspired but keep it realistic and do our thing !

    Agree ?

    Indian Girl

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