Sally Hansen Natural Beauty The Super Balm Kit : Review

    Ladies, thank you all for the wonderful emails after yesterday's just for you offer ! I am truly touched.

    Did I just say, touched ? I sound like a 97 year old grandma.

    What I mean is - Its Kool man ! No biggie ! Yeah ! I'll bring you the deals ! Sure man !

    Are kids still saying Kool ? My mom just reminded me I will be 26 soon. No fair.

    Since everybody is super excited over Holiday deals, I thought I'd share another one from the same folks today. So you could go into select CVS stores and get whatever rocks your boat. Or your friend's or sister's or mom's boat.

    I don't own a boat. Neither does my sister or my mom or my friend(s). But they are all getting a value pack for Christmas ! It will rock their proverbial boat.

    This next kit is a lip balm kit. Three lip balms in one rectangular kit. A $26 value. But just for you $12.99.

    The three shades in it are
    Fresh Pink - a barely there ( not really "there") pink
    Nude Shimmer - a barely there ( really, its there. You can see sometimes.) Nude with a hint of shimmer
    Berry Shine - The cheerleader of the gang ! Such a pretty berry with a golden glaze.

    Look at that ! How can I say no to that !

    Can you tell my lips were very cracked ? That's the beauty of a colored lip balm. A berry colored lip balm. It balms and it berries !

    Indian Girl
    PS : If you don't find these kits at your CVS , I might wait out a couple more weeks or so. Some stock products immediately, some get them later. They probably dont wanna get into Holiday madness already ! Cant blame them ! Also these are available only at select stores which I guess means select cities as well. If I get a list of those stores , I'll be sure to let y'all know. Hang in there with me, while I gather up more details on Monday. Have a super weekend !

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