RAW Minerals Discovery Kit. : Review. Everything You Need But Do You Really Need Everything ? And A 50 % Discount Offer !!!

    Hiya Ladies !

    This morning I set out writing a post on Boys but then I got into other things and never finished it. I then figured we need a dose of it on any given day. So I'll be sure to post it on Wednesday - just when you need it the most.

    Or I .

    Instead lemme get to a story on foundation. I thought it would be a great followup, now that we have shared a few tips on how to apply foundation better.

    I've been testing out the RAW Minerals Discovery Kit for a while now. I used it for a couple of weeks, took a break during the dry skin period and went back on it once my skin was back to normal. Been back on it for a couple of weeks now and its all been good !

    The RAW Minerals Discovery Kit comes with 7 items

    Two Different Foundation Shades
    Mineral Glow
    Active Veil SPF 18
    Concealer Brush
    Multi tasking Retractable Brush
    Maximum Coverage ( Flat Top) Foundation brush

    The Foundations

    I went with the Medium Kit. The kit came with two foundation - L3 and M1.

    M1 is just the perfect shade that matches my skin tone. Especially my chin which is notorious for being a shade darker than rest of my face. I love the choice of having two foundations. We can either mix the two together to make a suitable shade or you do what I do. I use M1 on my whole face and then dust L3 lightly on the center of my face. My eyes, extending it to the top my cheekbones , nose and center of the chin. The result is the JLO like effect. The one where she looks bright and awake !

    I love the foundation a bit more than my Clinique powder foundation. Its like adding a dose of Vitamin C to my face. Just pumps it up, infuses it with energy and warmth. I find most powder foundations dull and anything but exciting. This one is different. Mostly because it doesn't cake up in four hours to make me look like a cracked doll. What you see at the beginning of the day is almost exactly what you will look like after eight hours. That, that to me is magical !

    PS : Ignore the fact that I just called myself a doll ! Good God what have I come to !

    L to R : Nekkid skin, One layer of M1 , Two layers of M1 + bronzing powder

    The Others

    The Flat Top Brush is very good at laying the foundation and blending it into the skin. It feels light and stays on for hours. I do use a primer underneath (Smashbox Photofinish Oil Free Primer). Personally I think a primer is necessary for powder foundations. Just as much as bread is to a good sandwich.

    The Mineral Glow is a bronzing powder and is just as good as the foundations. You know I cannot live without bronzers and my light olive oil mayo. But that's another story for another time.

    The Active Veil is a setting powder with SPF 18. Though the power of powder SPF's is debatable, I would any day choose one with it than one without it. It being SPF. Though the powder looks white-ish, it is a translucent powder and doesn't make skin look any bit lighter.

    But Then....

    Yeah there are a few but thens...

    The retractable brush is not great. The retractable part is great . The brush part is not. I would have loved it if they use the same material they used to make the flat top brush. Now that one is fab !

    You order online so there isn't a chance to try it out forehand.

    You must have a good understanding of what your skin tone is. Most of us have an idea. It could be the wrong idea. Just saying...

    I lucked out when I ordered Medium. The photos on their site helped me. But mostly its the several foundation runs I've done in the past years to Sephora and Nordstrom that have given me a good understanding of my skin tone. I strongly suggest spending the rest of the weekends this year at Nordstrom . Its a good lesson to learn.

    It comes in a sifter jar. I dislike sifter jars with a passion.

    And then there is the question of what if ? What if you didn't want the other shade ? Just the one shade is working wonders - I'd rather have two of this one ! Not possible.

    The kit costs $180.
    It is all natural, mostly organic product. Still $180 ?

    Each foundation box contains 2g (0.07 oz) of product. We get two of these foundations in the kit. If bought individually each costs $30. Though it is an all natural mostly organic product, I am not sold on the price. My Clinique Super Balanced Makeup Mineral Foundation has 17 grams (0.63 oz) of product and costs $34.50. And it comes with a futuristic grinder that shaves the right amount of foundation for me.

    Told you, I love gadgets !!

    But Just For You Offer

    The folks at RAW Minerals have a wonderful offer for AIMB readers. You can now order the kit for $90 . That is a 50% discount ! Not 10 or 15 or even 20. A full 50 percent !!

    And...FREE shipping too !

    All you have to do is use the promotion code DISCOVERY50 during check out. There is no minimum amount of purchase required for this code. You can order anything and use the code for it.

    This essentially brings down the average price of each product in the kit form $25.71 to $12.85. And if we get only the foundation, it will be for $15. And $15 only. Yay for free shipping !

    Offer ends on 12/31/2009

    Dinner Table Conversation

    The kit was sent to AIMB to be considered for a post. I have been sent a few mineral foundations from different brands in the past but they never made it because they weren't fun or exciting. This one was fun and hence I write about about it.

    You can now give it a go at $90 but what about later ? Later when you are as addicted to it as I am, would you pay $30 to get 2 grams of your foundation fix ? Just something to think about when you're having lunch this afternoon. Or dinner. Its a great topic for dinner table conversation !

    I think so.

    Which reminds me, I need FOOD now .

    Indian Girl

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