Boys...Episode 2

    Happy Monday !

    No. I am not just going to wish you and hope you have a Happy Monday. I am going to make sure it starts off well by giving you your choice of eye candy to feast upon !

    I care about you.

    I really do.

    Lookie I bring you...

    Hugh Jackman

    He is wolverine
    Everyday Man
    Everyday man who can sing and dance
    Everyday man who can sing and dance and look extraordinarily handsome
    I'd like to know what he cant do.

    A man's strength lies in his weakness.

    Wait that doesn't make sense.

    Or does it ?

    Never mind.

    Shahid Afridi

    Lemme introduce the man and his sport to you.
    Afridi is a top notch bowler from Pakistan's Cricket Team.
    Women world over have been smitten by his boyish charm, the gorgeous head of hair and of course the deep deep dimples.

    Did I mention the hair ?

    Loads of it. Shiny brown locks of hair.

    Ryan Reynolds

    Yes. I'd like to see him drop those clothes too.

    I'd like to see his chiseled body and ... Well I'll stop there.
    We're trying to keep AIMB as Disney as possible.

    Also Ry, I never took him for a Scar Joe kinda guy. But then to each his own...

    John Abraham

    More Bollywood eye candy.

    Like I said eye candy comes in all forms and show up at all places - we just have to look.
    And look at this face. Another one of those take that shirt off moments.

    And you know what is hard ?
    It is hard , H.A.R.D to find a decent picture of this man with his shirt on.

    Jared Leto

    Hez a boy

    Hez a man

    Hez a boy - man ? Man - boy ?

    James McAvoy

    Bring on the period pieces. My man here was made for them ! Royalty free royalty.

    There you go. It now makes sense to wish you a Happy Monday because I know you will have one.

    I just do.

    Catch the Boys... Pilot Episode here

    Indian Girl

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