Picture Tutorial On Olive Green Eye Look With Julie Hewett Eye Shadows

    As promised this is the post on the step by step picture tutorial for this Olive Green Eye Look. Gather up some patience - this is a long one !

    Eye Shadows

    These are the powder shadows I used for the look. All are by Julie Hewett.

    L to R : Vita, Silk, Zen, Olive


    I have listed the brushes I used, as well. Some brushes I used were from Smashbox. A couple were from an unknown brand I picked up at Big Lots long long ago. But I have substituted with a similar brush from Smashbox simply because it makes it easier for a reader to stop at a brand and get a look at all the brushes instead of jumping from brand to brand.

    Step By Step Tutorial

    1. Start off with clean moisturized eyes. apply concealer all over eyes and under the eyes hiding dark circles.
    Product : Cover Fx Conceal Fx - Light
    Brush : Smashbox Concealer Brush #12

    2. Set the concealer with translucent powder.
    Product : Cover Fx Translucent Powder - Light
    Brush : Smashbox Crease Brush #10 ( I used the nameless brand one)

    3. Pat a thin layer of cream / gel eyeliner or shadow in black all over the lid. Skip the inner corner.
    Product : Estee Lauder Gel Eyeliner - Black
    Brush : Smashbox Concealer Brush #4 ( I used the nameless brand one)

    4. Using dabbing motions apply a thick layer of olive green shadow over the gel eyeliner.
    Product : Julie Hewett Eyeliner - Olive
    Brush : Smashbox Blending Brush #3 ( I used Prescriptives Eyeshadow Brush)

    5. Blend a pistachio green color with the olive green, moving upwards and outwards along the crease.
    Product : Julie Hewett Eyeshadow - Zen
    Brush : Smashbox Crease Brush #10

    6. Apply highlighter under the brow, along the brow bone.
    Product : Julie Hewett Eye Shadow : Silk
    Brush : Smashbox Blending Brush # 3 ( I used the nameless brand one)

    7. Apply a green / black, gel / creme eyeliner along upper liner and lower lash line
    Product : Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - Forest Shimmer Ink
    Brush : Smashbox Eyeliner Brush #8

    8. Line the waterline with a dark green or black eyeliner pencil.
    Product : Rimmel London Spark It Up Gleaming Eye Darkening Liner - Peridot

    9. Do your brows, apply mascara.
    Product : Julie Hewett Eye Shadow : Vita
    Brush : Smashbox Angle Brow Brush #12
    Product : Julie Hewett Rose Mascara

    That's it ! In less that ten steps we have a pretty pretty olive green eye look !

    Finished Look :

    Custom Palettes :

    Over at Julie Hewet they have a new system where you can make your own custom palettes by choosing shades you love to fit into the palette of your choice. Its just like build your own burger except its not edible.

    Very few things that are not edible interest me. So, listen up !

    The palettes are the gorgeous black and white magnetic ones. So much cuter than the regular all black palettes that everybody else makes.

    There are three kinds of palettes available : single pan, 2 pan and four pan. In my two pan palette I plan on adding Silk - a bone colored shade with a tiny hint of gold shimmer. Its the best highlighter shade ever and Vita - a brown taupe shade that makes my eyebrows look happy ! I can then drop it into my purse and have gorgeous highlighted brows all day long !

    Ooooofffffffff...its over ! Its all over ! You can go ahead lose that patience now !
    I just did.

    Indian Girl

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