Sally Hansen Natural Beauty 5 Minute Face Kit : Review

    Its the Holidays !

    Well, technically not yet but we're almost there ! I know we're almost there because it smells like cinnamon and other holiday spices around my apartment building. I get out and I'm like...

    Oh No You Didn't. Oh No. They bust out their Holiday home fragrances, man !

    I don't have the holiday fragrances yet. So, I am busting out the value kits. Today its Sally Hansen Natural Beauty 's turn with their 5 Minute Face Kit. I have loved this brand since it came into being a couple of years back. Almost everything has worked well for me and the price is almost always right.

    This 5 Minute Face Kit has gotten me more excited than the bulls at the Rodeo !

    I said bulls not cowboys. Nothing is more exciting than cowboys. *Drools* TX cowboys !

    The Kit has 5 items. A minute per item. And they come in three shades - Light, Medium and Dark. Each kit has products that should help enhance features of skin tone in that range.

    Luminizing Face Primer
    Eyeshadow Trio
    Lip gloss

    The primer is brilliant stuff ! It is a bit shimmery but all shimmer is forgiven during winter. So I say, Go for it. Thelma. Go for it !

    Concealer , I'll write a lot about it soon.

    The eyeshadow I have talked about them here. Almost a year back ! But they are still making them good !
    The lip gloss in Sparkling Champagne is perfect for light - medium skin tones. A beautiful flesh toned shade with a hint of shimmer. Some of my other favorite shades are here with swatches .The blush ( Cherub) is a peachy pink "I-am-an-angel. Don't believe me ? Look at my cheeks " kinda color. That is the exact description that would be on he box had I made it.

    But wait. So you think they put a items in a kit call it 5 minute kit and I'll get excited over it ?

    No. Absolutely not. Check out the receipt below to know the most exciting part about the kit and the deal I've set up for y'all !

    Its worth $45 but the CVS guy knows you read AIMB and he'll give it to you for $12.99. Just for you ! No Jokes. All true story.

    Okay I had nothing to do with the deal. But if you give it a try, it'll still $12.99. AIMB reader or not !

    Indian Girl

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