Julie Hewett Organic Camellia Lip Balm - Ruby : Review. More Organic Goodness !

    A little over a year back I wrote about my love for Julie Hewett's Camellia Lip Balm. Back then there was just one kind - natural. One year later there are two new munchkins joining the group ! Their names are rose - a see through pink tinted lip balm and ruby - a red tinted see through lip balm.

    No points for guessing it forehand !

    Since last Friday I haven't worn anything on my lips other than Ruby. An out and out red lipstick is hard to do everyday but a red lip balm of the sheerest kind is no problem at all ! And sheer juicy natural lips only gave me more incentive to try deeper shades on my eyes ! I have an everyday brown and a deep purple tutorial coming up !

    Apart from the new colors the packaging is new too ! They are not only available in pots ($20) but are also available in palettes/pans ($18). I say go for the pan because the design is just gorgeous ! It almost looks like ivory on black wood - but its not ! Also its a lot more easier to use than the pot !

    The old good things about the lip balm still apply - its organic , still contains camellia oils which is the closest there is to natural oil our skin produces and can be used on your face , nails, cuticles, elbows !

    Indian Girl
    PS : If you love the brand stay tuned because there is a lot lot more new goodies from them ! Check them out on their site

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