Estee Lauder Holiday 2009 Ultimate Red Collection - Opulent Shimmer Powder : Review & Swatches

    The New Ultimate Red Collection from Estee Lauder is a brilliant mix of golds and striking reds packaged in the most beautiful golden compacts. It spells luxury and sophistication, all the way. The collection has 2 sets of eyeshadow quads, four lipsticks, four lip glosses, couple of eyeliners and the Opulent Shimmer Powder .

    The Opulent Shimmer Powder ($32) is one my most favorite pieces of makeup - ever. Makes me feel like Middle Eastern royalty with the glistening golden shimmer shine glistening on my cheeks. It is a huge compact and if you plan on using the shimmer powder only on your face , it is going to last a long long time. It can also be used to highlight your shoulders and D├ęcolletage!

    If you want to get just one piece from this entire collection I would recommend this one. Especially if you are a bride - nothing spells out glamour and sophistication like this on your D-Day ! It is obvious shimmer without being too obvious or glittery. Some might say its too much for everyday - I don't. A little shimmer here and there makes me a very happy girl !

    Using a fan brush lightly dust the shimmer powder along your eye bone - The C area on the outer corner of your eye to the top of your cheeks. Stand back and check out the even more gorgeous you ! Personally I would love any product from this collection as a holiday gift and something tells me I am not the only one hoping to get one !

    And with this I plan to claim my Makeup Blog title back !

    Indian Girl

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