Ellin Lavar Nourishing Oil : Review - Does It All !

    Beauty Junkies everywhere have wanted a product that does it all.

    Beauty Junkies everywhere have wanted a product that does it all and costs a single digit.

    (No not your finger ! Digit as in a single digit number. Good Lord !)

    Beauty Junkies Everywhere need to hear this story.

    The Ellin Lavar Nourishing Oil that costs $8 and is safely placed in the hair care aisle of your local CVS is what beauty junkies everywhere have longed for. It really does it all !

    I have used it as a night time eye and face moisturizer. It is a dry oil; so on a regular dry face day I could totally do it during the day as well ! After rubbing it all over my face, I rub the rest onto my rock hard cuticles. I spray it onto certain dry spots on my scalp. And after I do a heavy eye look on one of my eyes (just for the blog), I take it all off with a squirt of this oil.

    I still haven't tested the theory but I get the feeling it will polish tiles and sparkle sinks as well !

    That stick figure is me. I plan to be that size by New Year's with regular workouts of once a week and eating carbs only three times a day.

    The product is sold solely as oil for the scalp. Now why would they do that ! It does so much more !!! I wrote to the folks at Ellin Lavar and they confirmed its innate abilities to be a super oil. Take my expert non-expert opinion on this, it really does all of the above.

    That being said, before I engage in the process of pumping the oil out I take in a long breath and let it out slowly with the words " Om....." You really need all that clarity of mind to gather the patience to get the pump working.

    Its called pumping science. You place the bottle horizontally and pump a couple of times. Then place the nozzle against your palm at a 45 degree angle and continue pumping until the oil oozes out. I hope Ellin Lavar gets this taken care of. I don't have many Om's left in me.

    Indian Girl

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